What are Some Pros and Cons of All-Inclusives for Couples?


Some Pros & Cons of All-Inclusives for Couples

Are you on the fence about deciding whether or not to go to an all-inclusive with your partner? I get it. We’ve all heard that a lot of all-inclusives focus mostly families. We’ve heard how they’re great for kids with all the activities they offer. What about us, though? Couples who don’t have kids and who just want a romantic getaway for two aren’t going to benefit from all the activities for kids that so many resorts and cruises advertise.

To help you figure out if all-inclusives are for you and your partner, check out the list of pros and cons below. With more of an idea of what all-inclusives are like, you’ll be better prepared to make an informed decision about whether you should go to one or not.


Keep an open mind. It’s easy to be biased from what we’ve heard in the past. Open yourself up to possibilities and see if what you heard about all-inclusives matches up with reality.

Con: Many are geared toward families.

Since we already brought this one up, we might as well put it out there. It’s true, many all-inclusives are geared toward families. Many resorts are advertised as having plenty for the whole family to do– whether it’s swimming, playing games inside, playing golf, eating all sorts of delicacies, or partying with everyone else.


These types of resorts will likely have children on the beach, filling the pool, and bouncing around the resort. Family-friendly resorts are wonderful for families. If you have children and can afford it, it’s one of the best family vacations out there. They aren’t, however, all that wonderful for couples.


Rather than choosing a family-friendly resort, why not choose one that is geared toward couples? That way, you’ll have plenty to do that you’ll enjoy, along with a romantic quiet atmosphere. You’ll be the main focus of the resort, rather than families being their main concern. In fact, some resorts cater specifically to couples and groups of couples.

You’ll enjoy everything the resort has to offer rather than just the small amount of adult activities they have balanced with the children’s activities.

Pro: The food will be phenomenal.

One of the best parts of all-inclusive resorts is the food. You can leave your money locked in your room and eat and drink all you want to your heart’s content. It’s one of the best parts about all-inclusive resorts and cruises. Even the beverages and alcohol are free.


Whatever type of food you enjoy, the resort likely has it. The fact that it’s all free (well, already paid for) also gives you the opportunity to try foods that you might not have had the courage to try before. After all, if you don’t like it, you can exchange it for a different type of food without having to pay any extra.


All the food is also a big time saver. It allows you to fill your day with all the activities and relaxing you want to do without having to worry about finding restaurants in the area that are within your budget.

Con: You could get a little bored.

This one really depends on the type of person you are. As crazy as it sounds, it’s possible you could get bored, even with all resorts have to offer. After all, if you’re there for awhile, you may not want to go to the same restaurants all week long. You might craving a change of scenery or a less structured setting.

For food, this is an easy fix. Check to see what the resort has for food. Check how many restaurants it has and what its room service is like. Also check to see if there are any sister properties nearby that you could also eat at, and look around to see if there are dine-around programs with nearby all-inclusives.


Don’t be afraid to ask about dine-around programs when you call to book your room. The staff should be more than happy to explain all the options to you.

Pro: It’s a good way to get used to traveling.

couple on all inclusive holiday

This goes especially for couples who haven’t traveled together before, but want to do a lot more. The world is a huge place. If you want to get started as world explorers, consider going to an all-inclusive resort as your first step.


It’s difficult to go from staycations to traveling for several weeks around Europe. Rather than making yourself figure out everything and plan out the entire trip, go somewhere that has everything you’re looking for already in it. That way, you’ll have more confidence in how you both handle traveling for the next trip.


It can be much easier to go somewhere where most of the decisions are made for you to get your feet wet in the traveling world. Whether you decide to always go to an all-inclusive after that or to explore on your own is totally up to you. It can be helpful to start out with the all-inclusive, though, to be sure to not scare yourself away from traveling with a bad first experience elsewhere.

Con/Pro: They Have a Lot to Do

This can be seen as a pro or a con, again, depending upon your interests. Some people love this since they can spend all their time doing activities and eating food that’s already been covered by their initial payment. It’s wonderful for those who are all about budgeting things out, since you know upfront how much it’ll cost.


This can also be seen as a con because the number of activities can keep you from venturing off the resort. You can go home having had a wonderful vacation without having really experienced the area you were in.


It’s really up to you whether you want to explore off the resort or not. If you want to leave the resort, be sure to schedule that time in so you don’t forget to venture out while you have the opportunity.


Decide if it’s right for you.

All-inclusives certainly have a lot to offer. If you do decide to go to one, definitely read about several different locations before deciding which one to go with. Weigh the pros and cons against your personalities and decide what’s best for you.

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