Groupon Statistics – The Actual Numbers


Groupon Statistics – The Actual Numbers!

Let’s begin with the numbers: 76% of active social media users who hunt for coupons look into Groupon! Every time they want a striking discount, they choose Groupon over other websites.

This makes Groupon a prominent leader in the world of daily deal websites. Just like how Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather was irresistible, you cannot resist an offer Groupon puts in the table.

There are around 133 million users, accessing and trying to enjoy its deals and discounts. Of course, studies claim that Groupon has more than 9+ million active mobile users. This is the largest any daily deal service provider has achieved so far. By comparison, Living Social falls behind and doesn’t enjoy a hefty customer base.

The Thick Bond

There is a strong relationship between Groupon and social media networking sites. Initially, the offers are displayed in social media outlets, newsletters and blogs.

They are published in places that cannot go unnoticed. Some people receive regular mails on these deals and discounts. As a deal gets spotted, people rush to Groupon and see if can be availed.

Undeniably, there are many links in Facebook, Twitters, Pinterest and Emails that point to Groupon. This makes it very easy for customers to enjoy the deal or discount at Groupon.


Online Shoppers and Groupon

Statistics favor Groupon almost everywhere! Even online shoppers begin with Groupon before visiting brands or other e-commerce websites.

That is because Groupon helps them to save a lot of money. Around 52% of online shoppers start their buys with Groupon. And, 30% rely on Living Social for their daily deals.

The rest search around other daily deal services. The competition between Groupon and Living Social was very strong in the beginning.

However, Groupon took over the entire daily deals company (Living Social). There were many critics on why Groupon decided to make this buy.


Recently, Groupon experienced a sudden increase in the number of online shoppers! That can be attributed to its improved website and mobile application.

The website and mobile app have many integrated features. These features make it easy for online users to search and hunt down deals from the marketplace. The applications are designed with a clear goal!

The brand’s core strategy is to focus on “pulling” rather than “pushing”. Here “pushing” represents marketing deals with the help of emails.

Since a considerable number of customers have migrated to online stores and daily deal websites, the idea to use “pull” has being effective. Indeed, more than 50% of Groupon’s transactions are happening over the mobile application.

As people tap into their social media websites, figure out deals from their favorite brands, they visit Groupon and check for coupons! This is a cycle that has made Groupon an ideal place for daily deal services.

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The Verdict


To summarize, Groupon heads the daily deal services league! It stands first with 52% of daily deal users. The brand is followed by Living social with 30% of daily deal users and only 9% opt for other websites.

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