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Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy and is a popular vacation destination for romantics and couples. It is also renowned for water sports thanks to the characteristic winds on the lake.

Bardolino lake front

Brenzone beach

Lake Garda

Lazise promenade

Limone sul Garda

malcesine ski lift

Sail boat on lake Garda

San virgilio lake Garda

Torbole lake Garda

Port of Malcesine

Torri del Benaco lake front

View of Lake Garda

The regulars sailing on Lake Garda say that they can set their watches by the times of the winds here, so predictable is the weather. Sailing and Winds on Lake Garda Most of the sailing and windsurfing takes place in the north of Lake Garda where the winds are at their best. The Peler or Vento begins around 02:00 and blows in waves until 11am.

The Vento also brings blue skies and cooler air to Lake Garda and is the perfect breeze on a hot day. Once the Vento has departed another wind starts called the Ora. This wind continues until sunset so is ideal for all those water sports but it does leave a cloud on the mountain tops. Visitors to Lake Garda If you are walking in the Lake Garda region and experience the Vinezza then you should make plans to return to your hotel.

This wind blows from Peschiera to Maderno during the late afternoon and usually signals the start of bad weather to come. The Bali wind blows in during winter after a snowfall. Usually lasting around 24 hours it makes the water really choppy and one to watch when sailing. The Vent da Mut blusters across Lake Garda after a storm and is another wind to raise sails.

Lake Garda is usually warm and pleasant to visit with beautiful gardens and resorts. The wind patterns are very interesting and a fascinating aspect of the geography in the region. When you are enjoying the views across the water to a mountain scene with the sun on your face and a wind blows in you may now have an idea of what it means for the weather in Lake Garda.