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Lake Garda

Lake Garda is one of the most popular destinations for tourists visiting Italy, more in particular Northern Italy. The tourism industry boomed as early as the 1950’s after the area was given the name Riviera of Olives. Lake Garda is a very popular destination for sports lovers. Many vacationers throng this majestic place to engage in activities such as windsurfing, climbing, walking and mountain-biking.

Whether you want to stroll through the beautiful villages and through vineyards or you are just seeking for an adventure and a fast-paced day trip perhaps by mountain bike, Lake Garda is the ideal place for you. There is a great deal of accommodation available for all types of people, from wherever they are from in the world. You will find from quaint boutique hotels to larger conventional options, the choice is really yours. The wide variety of choices is never ending and you should conduct a search to find accommodation that suits your needs and individual tastes.

Getting to Lake Garda from the UK

To begin with, you need to prepare for one or two over-night stops on the way. There are a number of routes you can take. You can decide to drive south across France and head for Turin. Use the A4 autostrada and go till Milan and then proceed on to Mestre and Venice. Alternatively, you can decide to drive down through Belgium or Nederland’s down the Rhine Valley where you will pass through Basle, Berne, Lucerne, Como and Milan, this is where you will rejoin the A4 again and go all the way to Venice.

There is still another alternative route you can take by car. This is the Calais to Strasbourg then to Mullhouse, to Basle to Lucerne to Lugano to Brescia and finally to Lake Salo. Just have fun while driving to Lake Garda and your journey will be a memorable one!  

Travelling to Lake Garda by Train

Book an afternoon seat in the Eurostar train from London to Paris. Cross over from Paris to Bercy station and ride in the night sleeper that will take you all the way to Venice. The train calls at Brescia and Verona. You can choose to alert at either station dependent on the part of Lake Garda you want to visit. Travelling to Lake Garda by Plane There are three major airlines that fly from London to the Verona area. The flying time from London to Verona is set at approximately 2 hours.

Most of the flights serving this route leave around 6:55am local time.

• Lake Garda is an 18 minute drive from Verona Airport

• If you are flying from London to Verona airport you will spend around £80

• If you are flying from Manchester to Verona airport you will spend around £180

• If you are flying from Birmingham to Verona airport you will spend around £140  

How to get to Lake Garda from Verona Villa Franca airport via bus and taxi

There are plenty of Taxis and buses for Verona Villa Franca airport transfers to Lake Garda resorts. For buses and taxis, the distance is short, the airport is 15 kilometers away from Peschiera del Garda. There are many taxi and bus companies that operate in the Lake Garda region and most of them carry out airport transfers.

How to get to Lake Garda from Verona Brescia airport via bus and taxi

Brescia Airport is only 20 kilometers from Desenzano Del Garda. The airport is less crowded and is serviced by a number of Taxi and bus companies. This is an ideal airport for people who don’t like dealing with large crowds.